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advance on Nov. 7, prepare for 2008 national run

Also note that in California the Greens that got the most votes in this
election (double what Todd Chretien got) are in this order:

California Insurance Commissioner:
Larry Cafiero (Grn)	     208,352	3.1 %

California State Controller:
Laura Wells (Grn)    	     199,705	3.1 %

California Lt. Gov.:
Donna J. Warren (Grn)	      182,424	2.7 %

California Governor:
Peter Camejo (Grn)	      154,664	2.3 %

California Treasurer:
Mehul M. Thakker (Grn)	      151,498	2.3 %

California Attorney General:
Michael Sutton Wyman (Grn)	147,133	2.2 %

California Secretary of State:
Forrest Hill (Grn)	      139,706	2.2 %

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