[Marxism] Horizon 2008

Gilles d'Aymery aymery at ix.netcom.com
Wed Nov 8 18:15:07 MST 2006

Mark Lause wrote:

>>I suspect 2008 will be fascinating, though I wonder if Nader might be
getting a bit too old to find such an ordeal of interest.

Nader got--what was it?--2,000,000 in 2000?  A generational high-water 

It seems to me that it bodes well that we got more than our 1,000,000 votes
for peace in a remarkably crooked off-year election when one of the major
parties was positioning itself to steal our thunder on the war.<<

On DM! this morning, Nader was so darn clear-headed that even I, a misery 
non-scholar, could understand the reality of the current and recurring scam. 
Ralph made sense, pure and simple sense.

I hope he gives a last try, though I'll easily understand if he decides 
otherwise. He's been so vilified by the Lib Labs, "friends and allies." and so-
called radicals -- some of whom blast this list on the merits of voting for 
Democrats, all the while raging against the system.

I'll support Donna Warren if she keeps fighting. I'll support all Latino, black, 
and white human beings who challenge the status quo at much risks for 
their well-being and costs to their career (pocket book). That is the least 
thing I can do, not being an "activist" or a scholar in the "Marxist tradition."

I have huge respect for the people who keep fighting in light of how often 
they are being abandonned time and again.

As said in an earlier post (re Stan Goff), I have grown quite impatient with 
revolutionaries and "Marxists" for Democrats.

There are millions of people out there who are awaiting for people to stand 
for what they believe, without being so sectarian that they drive people away. 
I can compromise.

I want to stand FOR something, not AGAINST everything (and voting time 
and again, out of intellectual masturbations -- or is it malefactions? -- for the 
people who stand for everything I am against).

Clear enough?

Gilles d'Aymery

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