[Marxism] Media Self-Censorship

Jeffrey Thomas Piercy, El Pato Comunista mqduck at sonic.net
Fri Nov 10 11:58:36 MST 2006


More from Slashdot:

"On 'Larry King Live' Wednesday night, Bill Maher said many of 'the 
people who really run the underpinnings of the Republican Party are 
gay... Ken Mehlman, OK, there's one I think people have talked about. I 
don't think he's denied it.' When CNN re-aired the interview, the 
mention of Mehlman was edited out [MD] with no indication anything was 
missing. When a minute-long video of the original vs. censored clips was 
posted on YouTube, a DMCA takedown [MD] removed it (the original poster 
plans to resubmit a shorter clip he hopes will qualify as fair use — 
good luck, since the DMCA doesn't recognize fair use). Relatedly, the 
Washington Post today was caught silently editing its published stories 
[MD] to make them less informative. Unnamed GOP officials are also 
saying that Mehlman will step down [MD] from his post when his term ends 
in January."

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