[Marxism] The Execrable David Horowitz on Bettina Aptheker Memoir

Kevin Lindemann and Cathy Campo kklcac at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 11 20:30:34 MST 2006

Walter Lippmann wrote:
> Yes, David  Horowitz failed to quote what Bettina wrote about this.
> Specifically, on page pages 535-6.

Perhaps you could tell us what she said? I read elsewhere that she said
that she received a voicemail from her father denying her allegations
some time after she says she confronted him. Is that true? In your
earlier message, you wrote that Horowitz "doesn't provide a footnote to
where Bettina Aptheker actually gives her considered opinion as to what
her father did and didn't acknowledge." But the question isn't Bettina
Aptheker's opinion about what her father allegedly said; the question is
what does she actually quote him as saying? There is a difference.

> There is a difference, quite a difference, between "unsubstantiated"
> and then "unfounded" 
> "Unfounded" means there is no basis in fact for the allegation.

Agreed. But I didn't say "unfounded." I said "unsubstantiated."

> No one to my knowledge has described Bettina's statements as "hard
> truths". 

Then apparently you did not read Christopher Phelps' review, which,
among other things said, "Incest is only the most painful of a series of
hard truths about Herbert Aptheker that we confront in Intimate

> it
> would be better to READ it before denouncing it. 

Saying that there are reasons to question unsubstantiated allegations
based on recovered memories and saying that those allegations should not
be called "hard truths" is hardly a denunciation.


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