[Marxism] The Execrable David Horowitz on Bettina Aptheker Memoir

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 11 23:35:20 MST 2006

Sorry, but I don't do homework for other people. Those who care enough
to comment on the book should do so after reading it, not before. 

I provided a page reference, which should make it easier since rather
annoyingly the book has no index. That's enough help for the moment.
Christopher Phelps's review is not Bettina Aptheker's book. And it is
Bettina Aptheker's book which seems to have been put on trial and to
have been found guilty by David Horowitz, and here on Marxmail, too,

You've already made it clear that you reject what she says, even though 
you haven't read it. Reading it isn't likely to change your opinion, Kevin.

Why would you take her word for what he says? You've already rejected
what she says, so why would you accept any quotations which she gives,
clearly from memory, since you don't trust her memory, though the only
thing you've read of hers is that tiny L.A. Times commentary.

The failure to acknowledge that misogyny is a profound problem in the
culture of the United States is rather telling. Like David Horowitz, with
whom you are in agreement about Bettina Aptheker, misogyny as well
as child sexual abuse seem to be non-problems rom what you have,
and have not, so far written. 

You wrote, of David Horowitz, that a stopped clock is right twice a day.
That's correct. So far, we find you 100% in agreement with Horowitz
and against Bettina Aptheker. So far, you haven't disagreed with one
word of what Horowitz has said in his Bettina Basharama. Feel free to
prove me wrong...

Walter Lippmann
Los Angeles, California

Perhaps you could tell us what she said? I read elsewhere that she said
that she received a voicemail from her father denying her allegations
some time after she says she confronted him. Is that true? In your
earlier message, you wrote that Horowitz "doesn't provide a footnote to
where Bettina Aptheker actually gives her considered opinion as to what
her father did and didn't acknowledge." But the question isn't Bettina
Aptheker's opinion about what her father allegedly said; the question is
what does she actually quote him as saying? There is a difference.

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