[Marxism] The Execrable David Horowitz on Bettina Aptheker Memoir

Kevin Lindemann and Cathy Campo kklcac at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 11 14:23:40 MST 2006

Walter Lippmann wrote:
> Taking the word of David Horowitz against someone like Bettina
> Aptheker....

I am not taking David Horowitz's word over Bettina Aptheker's. I am
going by what Bettina Aptheker herself has said, and not only as quoted
by David Horowitz. Do you think Horowitz misquoted her account of her
alleged confrontation with her father? If so, how?

> It is similarly my impression that Kevin Lindemann has not actually
> READ Bettina Aptheker's book.

No, I haven't, but I ordered it through my library, and I have read
everything that is available online about it. I fully intend to read it,

> I noticed that Horowitz, who provide
> OVER A HUNDRED footnotes to his long and tendentious essay, doesn't
> provide a footnote to where Bettina Aptheker actually gives her
> considered opinion as to what her father did and didn't acknowledge.

You have read the book. Did Horowitz misquote her account of what her
father supposedly said?

> What is it...Kevin
> Lindemann...so anxious to disprove and discredit?

The notion that it is a "truth," to quote Christopher Phelps, that
Herbert Aptheker was a child molester. Allegations aren't facts or

> Alas, it's unfortunate that
> someone writing on a Marxist list should take an analagous posture.

I think it is unfortunate that someone writing on a Marxist list isn't
concerned that unsubstantiated allegations about a Marxist scholar are
being labeled as "hard truths."


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