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Encouraging as the 11% result is, a glance at the exit polls leaves me
scratching my head.

They show Whitney ran more strongly among white men (14%) than among white
women (11%), and much more strongly than among "nonwhite" men (3%) or
"nonwhite" women (5%). 

His strongest support was among professional/managerial levels --annual
incomes of $150-$200 thousand-- (17%) quadruple that among the very poor
--less than $15,000-- (4%) and more than double that among the working poor
--$15-$30K-- (7%). 

Vote by education shows the same pattern: 14% among those with college
degrees, 9% among those without. And his very strongest in terms of
education was among those with postgraduate degrees (17%). This is almost
triple the support and those with no high school (6%) and double among those
with only a high school diploma (9%).

He had six times as much support among whites (13%) than among Blacks (2%);
and three times as much support among whites as among Latinos (4%).

Those who want to look at the exit poll results can find them here:


The statistics are all coherent and point to the same thing: this was a
compaign that most deeply resonated with the concerns of of well-educated,
high-income, upper-middle-class white, male voters and received the least
support among the most oppressed, exploited and downtrodden of those who
voted, with an especially poor, almost Republican showing among Blacks.

It would be interesting to hear the analysis or insights of the comrades
there as to why this would be the case.


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