[Marxism] Stan Goff on bipartisanship

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Nov 12 06:47:50 MST 2006

Any time you hear the term bipartisan, check 
“your six” and check your wallet. It means the 
ruling class is united and on the move. Given the 
history of this term, I can’t imagine why it 
doesn’t send shudders down our collective spine. 
They call it bipartisanship; but it’s more like 
The Bipartisan Ship — the primary war vessel of the ultra-elite.

The Bipartisan Ship is why we don’t have 
universal health care. The Bipartisan Ship is why 
there is no meaningful right for workers to 
organize in most states. The Bipartisan Ship is 
why the two state-institutions that can openly 
engage in heterosexist discrimination are 
marriage and the military. The Bipartisan Ship is 
what gave us the “free trade” agreements that 
have gutted local enterprises, destroyed the 
trade union movement, savaged the economies of 
Latin America, Asia, and Africa, and reinforced 
overpriced war materiel contracts as a surrogate 
export market during an apparently permanent 
trade deficit. The Bipartisan Ship gave us the 
largest prison population on earth (raw numbers
China with 1.3 billion people has 1.5 million in 
 we have 2.1 million locked up in a 
population of a mere 300 million). The Bipartisan 
Ship is the Death Star dressed up like the Love Boat.

full: http://stangoff.com/?p=408

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