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Alex Briscoe obeynow20001 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 12 12:27:12 MST 2006

Basically, what Mark said.  We have a breakdown by county and I believe by precinct in IL 
of who voted how and that supports the stats that Joaquin cited.

We did best in Rockford, Will County, Peotone, Carbondale and suburban Cook County.

We did worst in Cook County/Chicago proper.

The upper end as I remember was about 25% support, to 15% support in suburban
Cook to 7 to 8% in Cook/Chicago.

Basically, my quick and dirty take is that with exceptions, Blacks here 
are still in the abusive relationship with the Dems and distrust a majority 
white party.  Many Latinos are kind of out of the loop when it comes to electoral 
politics here- a plurality/majority? are barred from voting as undocumented
workers, aren't familiar with the Greens in IL.  Of course, there are different
sectors of the Latino population, but from what I can see, it's either a relationship 
with the machine, with slightly less dirty Dems, or the attitude that they're 
all corrupt,etc. why bother.

However, note that the first four areas do have a lot of working class
voters and those areas did go strongly for Whitney, in large part because 
we got strong coverage there.

Also, the red and to a lesser extent, gun-baiting did hurt us, at least in Will
County and in Peotone, where you have farmers.

However, we do have some contacts in the AfrAmer and Latino communities and will
be recruiting committeemen (they slate candidates according to IL law) in these communities, as 
well as white working class areas.

Finally- we did try to substitute one of our supporters, of Puerto Rican origin,
for a candidate who had moved out of state (incidentally of Guatemalan origin).
Our supporter wanted more time to prep for a real campaign, though, so we unfortunately 
didn't have that candidate stumping.

To give you an idea of the Dems anti-democratic practices: they got
wind of our plans to substitute a candidate on the state slate the week before.

So, Dem lawyers waited for us at the office for filing change of candidate
papers while the State Board of Elecns held off on certifying our slate even 
after ratifying it.  Fortunately, one of our activists, a Dem precinct captain for 35 years,
yelled at us that there was danger ahead.  If we had tried to substitute a candidate, the Dems
would have filed some sort of objection and we would have been stuck battling a $50K lawsuit, which 
would have bankrupted the campaign and kept us from even organizing as much as we were able to.

I have another story about a Puerto Rican state rep who sold out her constituents, leaving 
most housing poor or even homeless and then keeping our pro-worker, although Angla candidate off the ballot
in collusion with the state machine.  But, enough typing for now.  Our candidate was Kathy Cummings- you can 
see more about her in the link below.

Okay, one more quickie: we had a potential candidate down in Pilsen, the Mexican neighborhood here, who was a 
great activist.  She was going to run for state rep with us a few years back, but her kids talked her out of 
it because they were afraid of what the machine would do to the family (ie blacklisting, railroading to prison, etc- see
the politica, Miriam Santos, I believe her name was, from 1995?  Also, see Operation Silver Shovel in 1995- this was 
an Federal sting operation that sent many aldermen from Black and Latino neighborhoods away and at the same time 
allowed Daley II to appoint new puppet aldermen).


The results in Illinois aren't that unusual.

As the old IWW used to point out (correctly for the most part), old
Socialist Party almost always ran better among skilled workers than
industrial workers.  There were lots of reasons for it, including the lower
rate of voting and the higher incident of fraud among the latter, less
leisure to give electoral politics than the former.  All of these reasons
still apply in the present.

As in the past, the answer is to keep plugging away.  The only way the Green
electorate can expand is address these constituencies.




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