[Marxism] depends what you mean by hard

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Nov 12 16:09:36 MST 2006

>I agree. The problematical word isn't "hard." It's "truths."

I've known Christopher Phelps for some time now, mostly through 
email. He is well-meaning but I am afraid that a large part of his 
motivation in publicizing Bettina's charges has to do with 
Stalinophobia. After I took him to task once for signing one of 
Joanne Landy's idiotic petitions against Cuba, he wrote that if ran 
the USA the way that Castro ran Cuba he would end up in front of a 
firing squad. Talk about self-dramatization. Talk about purple 
fantasies. This business reminds me quite a bit of the 
scandal-mongering over Philip Foner's plagiarism, pushed by Melvin 
Dubofsky. It is a curious mixture of the oedipal complex and cold war 
liberalism and distasteful through and through. 

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