[Marxism] Vietnam won

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Nov 12 20:32:56 MST 2006

Walter wrote:
>Today, the people of Vietnam have the right to determine for 
>themselves what kind of society they want to build. Whatever 
>decisions they make, the responsibility and the consequences are 
>theirs as well. But the key thing, more important than others, is 
>that the Vietnamese get to determine these things.

What blather. The collapse of the USSR and intense pressure from the 
world capitalist marketplace determined Vietnam's future far more 
than "the Vietnamese". They made the same "choice" as the FSLN did in 
the early 1990s. It was to become known as TINA. Generally Marxists 
understand why countries move in such directions, but there is no 
need to genuflect the way that Walter does. His drive to be on the 
right side of history reminds me more of rooting for the home team in 
football than any kind of Marxism I've ever been familiar with.


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