[Marxism] Vietnam won

Jeffrey Thomas Piercy, El Pato Comunista mqduck at sonic.net
Mon Nov 13 02:57:25 MST 2006

Well it seems to me that the question is "is Vietnam today a sovereign 
nation?" If yes, then the south certainly didn't win. Thus, the victory 
of the north was a lasting achievement.

Maybe it's hard not to be bitter that communist-led Vietnam didn't 
amount to more, for those who grew up during the Vietnam war - who's 
conversion to socialism was tied closely with enthusiasm for the 
Vietnamese revolutionaries. Me, I was six years old when the Soviet 
Union ceased to exist. I have one single memory of its existence: 
Looking at a map of the world, I asked my first grade teacher what the 
biggest country in the world was. She pointed to the Soviet Union and I 
said something like "cool" to which she replied something like "no, 
they're not cool." Later that year, we were told that the map was 
outdated and that that country had changed and we'd be getting new maps 

I've at times been envious towards those who lived during periods when 
socialism seemed on the march, but I had to come to terms with all the 
defeats its faced before I even subscribed to socialism. I've kind of 
lost track of where I was going with all this, but my point was that one 
shouldn't forget what was achieved by focusing on what wasn't or what 
didn't last.


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