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Vietnam won. Under the leadership of the Vietnamese Communist Party,
the Vietnamese people united their forces and waged a decades long
struggle for national independence. This struggle was finally successfully
won over thirty years ago. Washington tried after that to tried to starve
Vietnam into submission, but its blockade failed and today the United
States is one of Vietnam's biggest customers. Some foreigners are not
happy, and a few rightist exile militants in California have tried to make
trouble inside Vietnam, but they've not managed to connect with those
unhappy individuals inside Vietnam. Today, the people of Vietnam have
the right to determine for themselves what kind of society they want 
to build. Whatever decisions they make, the responsibility and the
consequences are theirs as well. But the key thing, more important
than others, is that the Vietnamese get to determine these things.

Read about Jose Marti and Ho Chi Minh in Raul Valdes Vivo's essay:

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2006 APEC Week in Vietnam

Hanoi, Nov 12 (Prensa Latina) With the first session of the Top-Level
Officials Meeting, the 2006 APEC Week started in Vietnam"s National
Conference Center on Sunday.

Experts could analyze Sunday and Monday the final points of five
documents that will be reviewed by foreign ministers on November
15-16, before they are put into consideration of the Summit of Heads
of State and Government, slated for this month 18 and 19.

Among issues are to solve stagnated negotiations of the World Trade
Organization (WTO) and the adoption of the Model of Measures of the
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) to implement free trade

Also on the table are guidelines to assure the chain of supplies
against the falsification and trade piracy, and Hanoi"s Action Plan
among foreign ministers and statesmen.

The APEC could find a way so that the rest of the WTO countries renew
negotiations and end the Doha Development Agenda next year, said
permanent Deputy Foreign Minister Le Cong Phung, president of the
Top-Level Officials Meeting.

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Russia-US to Sign Trade Agreement

Hanoi, Nov 12 (Prensa Latina) Russia and US will sign bilateral trade
agreement in Hanoi to enable Russia entry into the World Trade
Organization (WTO), sources released here Sunday.

In the framework of Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum
diplomatic sources noted Moscow and Washington agreed on the
fundamental terms of a bilateral trade treaty.

That agreement will provide both countries access to their own
markets and is the result of talks hold in Brussels and Belgium
dealing with Russia joining the WTO.

Presidents Vladimir Putin from Russia and George W. Bush from US have
foreseen to attend APEC Summit of chief of States and Government on
November 18 and 19 and even visit Vietnam officially.

So that Hanoi is the perfect setting to sign that agreement,
observers agreed.

US trade representative Susan Schwab said her country and the Russian
authorities expect to sign the agreement in Hanoi in the atmosphere
of APEC Summit.

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Vietnam, Cuba Listen and Learn

Hanoi, Nov 9 (Prensa Latina) Vietnam will work together with Cuba to
revitalize and foster the Non-Aligned Movement, whose presidency was
assumed by Havana in September, Vietnamese Deputy Foreign Minister Le
Van Bang said in this capital on Thursday.

Van Bang and Tran Van Hang, member of the Communist Party s Central
Committee, welcomed his Cuban counterpart Marcos Rodriguez , who
started a two-day working visit in this country, as part of a tour
that firstly took him to Japan and then to China and Laos.

Bang and Rodriguez ratified in their fraternal meeting the two
countries will to mutually support their sovereign integrity, peace,
security and stability in international forums.

"The aim," said the Cuban deputy minister, "is to listen and learn
the voice and position of our countries in world forums in defense of
their interests."

Rodriguez visit to Vietnam responds to the program of
inter-ministerial exchange. He was bearer of a letter by Foreign
Minister Felipe Perez Roque in which he invites his Vietnamese
counterpart and First Deputy Minister Pham Gia Khiem to visit Cuba.

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Vietnam Pumps First Offshore Oil Rig

Hanoi, Nov 7 (Prensa Latina) PetroVietnam Investments and Development
Company is extracting oil from its first offshore well off the coasts
of Malaysia.

Vietnam News daily says the joint venture is made up of British
Petrofac and Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd of Malaysia, at 30 percent of
shares each, plus Kuwait Kufpec, 25 percent and PetroVietnam with 15

PetroVietnam reported in October growing production of 2.2 million
tons, raising the total to 20.8 million tons in the first ten months.

The company is boosting prospecting at new fields to meet the 2006
goals and secure domestic supplies and energy safety, said
PetroVietnam General Director Tran Ngoc Canh.

He added that current production at Cendor field is 3,300 daily
barrels and there are hopes to raise that volume to 12,000 daily by
year's end.

PetroVietnam has signed five joint ventures with firms from Algeria,
Malaysia, Indonesia, Iraq and Mongolia, plans to signs another seven
before the year 2010 and is studying 40 from South East Asia, the
Middle East, Africa, Russia and Central America.

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