[Marxism] Proof that Americans descended from monkeys -- and not too far

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Mon Nov 13 07:09:55 MST 2006

Proof that Americans descended from monkeys -- and not too far:

"The world's first Creationist museum - dedicated to the idea that the
creation of the world, as told in Genesis, is factually correct - will soon
open.... It is strategically placed, too - not in the middle of nowhere, but
within six hours' drive of two-thirds of the entire population of the US.
And, as we know, up to 50 million of them do believe that the Bible's
account of Creation is literally true."


Some might question my saying "Americans" rather than "humans," as despite
their ignorance, brutality, irrationality and smug self satisfaction, the
scientific evidence is overwhelming that we're dealing with homo sapiens
rather than some other type of primate.

But the distinguishing characteristic of homo sapiens is that evolution is
displaced from the biological level to the social and cultural one. That
survival if the fittest remains its driving force is, as yet, an unproven

But we should remember that the paleontological record is unequivocal: in
the end, even the most succesful species can only survive by becoming
something else. If humanity is to perdure, that will be true of the American
chimps also.


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