[Marxism] Vietnam won

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Nov 13 09:05:39 MST 2006

>Walter has some views I don't agree with, as does Proyect, but I fail to see
>why Proyect has to flame Walter every time he expresses an opinion.

Because I have little use for "interventions" on an email list like this. 
Most sectarian "Marxist-Leninists" have the good sense not to keep making 
the same points day after day, but I guess that at-large members of the 
Cuban Communist Party of the Walter Mitty sort feel no such compunction.

>knowledge about Vietnam is entirely superficial, yet he suffers from the
>moderator disease, that of pretending you know everything about all topics.
>Well, he doesn't, any more than anyone else does.

How much knowledge does it take to assert that Vietnam's capitalist turn 
was forced on it?

>The DSP in fact has a whole resolution on why we think China has crossed over
>to being a capitalist state, yet we do not think the same about Vietnam. But
>we hardly think everyone is likely to agree with us.

More to the point, if you disagreed among yourselves, we would never know 
about that. I am studying the Sicilian mafia right now with an eye toward 
an article for swans.com. Omerta serves a useful function if you are a 
criminal. I think it is of less use if you are an aspiring vanguard party.



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