[Marxism] Tolkien

Bob Hopson bobhpsn at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 13 13:10:07 MST 2006

Suffice to say that Tolkien has become something of a punching bag on 
the left since the movies debuted. 
 Thanks for this post; you said what I wanted to say.  I'm always annoyed by the rather joyless and pedantic critiques of Tolkien as a racist, or of any fantasy-type entertainment as escapist or reactionary or sexist (cf. a discussion on Stan Goff's blog about pop culture that pretty much trashes half the stuff I like: http://stangoff.com/?p=357).  Sure, I get it, we're supposed to be critical about everything; but I find it sufficient to be critical of politics and society, I don't want to bring Marxism into my entertainment choices.  That's just asking for frustration.
 There was an interview with China Mieville (a Marxist scholar and science fiction writer) where he confessed to finding realisitc literature almost unreadible.  I sometimes wonder whether realism isn't just a fad of the modern era.  And if you can't enjoy fiction without social commentary, there's always Leguin, Butler, etc.

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