[Marxism] Tolkien

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Mon Nov 13 16:19:15 MST 2006

Bob Hopson wrote:
>  There was an interview with China Mieville (a Marxist scholar and science fiction writer) where he confessed to finding realisitc literature almost unreadible.  

Austen? Stendahl? Balzac? Flaubert? Ford? James? Tolstoy? Conrad? What
do you mean by realism?

I sometimes wonder whether realism isn't just a fad of the modern era.

All particular literary conventions are fads, though some last for a few
millenia. What's wrong with being a fad?

> And if you can't enjoy fiction without social commentary, there's always Leguin, Butler, etc.

Now you are dictating what others must like.


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