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For Immediate Release:
Monday, November 13, 2006

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Greens to Democrats: Honor antiwar voters who put
you in office -- get U.S. forces out of Iraq now

. Agenda for global security and stability must
include withdrawal from Iraq, renegotiation of
Kyoto, reaffirmation of Geneva Conventions, and
reversal of Iran and Israel-Palestine policy --
or antiwar votes for Democrats in Congress will
prove wasted

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Green Party leaders
challenged Democrats, whose victory in regaining
Congress on Tuesday was largely a result of
voters who wish for a quick end to the U.S.
occupation of Iraq, and who seek a reversal of
current foreign policy.

"Poll after poll showed that a clear majority of
voters made their choice to vote Democrat because
they oppose the war on Iraq," said Jody Grage,
Treasurer of the Green Party of the United
States.  "Poll after poll in Iraq revealed the
same thing -- that the Iraqi people want the
destruction and mass killing to stop, and want
U.S. forces out of their country.  If Democrats
have any sense of democracy, responsibility, or
humanity, they will send President Bush a demand
for immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops."

Greens called on Democrats to adopt the following

. Bring the troops home now: immediate withdrawal
of U.S. military forces from Iraq; cancel further
military spending for the occupation.

. Launch a probe into the White House's
fraudulent justifications for the invasion of
Iraq; violations of the U.S. Constitution; no-bid
contracts and giveaways to corporate war
profiteers like Halliburton and Bechtel;
violations of Geneva Conventions, especially the
use of torture; suppression of scientific
research about global warming.

"Democrats should initiate impeachment
proceedings and press for criminal charges, to
deter the Bush Administration's massive abuses of
power from ever happening again," said Jeff
Kravitz, California Green candidate for Congress
(5th District) in the 2006 election and a
professor of constitutional law.

. Reaffirm the U.S.'s commitment to the Geneva
Conventions and international law.

. Demand that the U.S. sign on to the Kyoto
protocols and begin renegotiation to address new
scientific information about the threat of global
warming and its growing role in international

. Demand that the Bush White House cease
threatening Iran and pursue negotiation; maintain
pressure on Israel not to launch an attack on

. Demand that the Bush White House press Israel
to observe full human rights for Arab Israelis
and end the illegal occupation of Palestinian
lands and attacks on Palestinian people; and cut
off arms shipments and military aid for Israel.

"The Middle East crisis is headed towards further
conflict and mass murder, as evidenced by the
appointment of extremist Avigdor Lieberman, who
advocates expelling Arab citizens, as Israel's
Strategic Affairs Minister, and Israel's massacre
on Wednesday of 18 Palestinian civilians,
including eight children.  The attack topped off
a week long siege and killing spree that claimed
the lives of more than 80 Palestinians in Beit
Hanoun in the Gaza Strip," said Aimee Smith, 2006
Green candidate for the U.S. House in Michigan's
15th District.  "Unfortunately, Democratic
leaders in Congress like Hillary Clinton [N.Y.]
and Nancy Pelosi [Calif.] are as much under the
spell of AIPAC [American Israel Public Affairs
Committee] as Republicans are."

Greens emphasized that all of the above agenda
are necessary for global peace, security, and
stability, and urged antiwar voters and
organizations like MoveOn.org and United For
Peace and Justice to keep pressure on Democrats
in Congress.

"If Democrats in Congress don't act within the
coming months to end the occupation of Iraq and
reverse U.S. policy on Iran and Israel, it'll
prove that all the antiwar votes they received on
November 7 will have been wasted on America's
second war party," said Nan Garrett, Co-Chair of
the Georgia Green Party and Spokesperson for the
National Women's Caucus of the Green Party.


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