[Marxism] Soliz Rada “Bolivia should not lose control over its reserves”

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Tue Nov 14 00:37:37 MST 2006

Soliz Rada "Bolivia should not lose control over its reserves"

Open letter from Bolivia's ex-Minister of Hydrocarbons, Andres Soliz
Rada, regarding the contracts with the petroleum companies.

In my condition as ex-Minister of Hydrocarbons and Energy for
President Evo Morales and co-participant in the Decree of
Nationalisation of Gas and Petroleum, issued last May 1, I would like
to make known my opinions on the petroleum contracts signed last
October 28 and 29, which will last for 30 years, and which the
Congress of the Republic will authorize and approve in the next few
days. My opinions, accompanied by additional thoughts, are the
following:..............read the rest at

see also the first moves post the signing of the contracts

Struggle for nationalization of gas translates into Juancito Pinto Bonus

The payment of the bonus has strengthened the relationship and coming
together of the armed forces with the people.

El Alto, Nov 12, (ABI) – For the president of the republic, Evo
Morales, the struggle of the people from El Alto for the
"nationalization of hydrocarbons" in 2003 was not in vain because the
Juancito Pinto bonus is one of the first fruits of this struggle,
benefiting those children that were forgotten by the state.

On Sunday the state began to pay the social debt owed to the children
of Bolivia and the government of president Evo Morales opened its
first chapter in this challenge, which will be extended to the youth
who will also receive the economic resources reaped as a result of the
nationalization of gas....read the rest at

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