[Marxism] Some of my thoughts

Rohan Gaiswinkler rohanger at yahoo.com.au
Wed Nov 15 01:32:29 MST 2006

I think Louis does a pretty good job moderating this list overall.  It must be a challange to be an even-handed moderator of discussion when you are also a contributor.  I'm sure I would fail in that from time to time if I had Lou's task.  But I don't think that means I should refrain from pointing out, occasionally, when I think Louis has failed.  So here it goes...
  1.  Louis, please stop being so hard on Walter.  You bully him.  [A note to Walter also - you post too often so that I have started to wonder if you like it!]  A Louis bully / Walter massachist relationship might be mutually benefitial to both of you - but I don't think I'm going out on a limb in saying that it is BORING to the rest of the list.
  2. Louis, when a member of the DSP (Australia), especially Michael K, makes a point you don't like, you are quick have a go at our Party as undemocratic because we choose keep political disagreements in-house.
  Exhibit A:
  "More to the point, if you disagreed among yourselves, we would never 
know about that. I am studying the Sicilian mafia right now with an eye 
toward an article for swans.com. Omerta serves a useful function if you are a 
criminal. I think it is of less use if you are an aspiring vanguard party."
  DSP = Mafia?  Talk about over-the-top!

  I know that the axe you grind is about your experiences in the US SWP, a Party with a similar model of democratic centralism as the Australian DSP.  Well fair enough, I suppose, that you have that axe to grind.  But I think this might be a case of transference: Maybe for you the DSP IS the SWP?  I would like to point out that despite the important organisational influences comming from James P Cannon, the DSP has its own distinct political culture, history and application of the democratic centralist method.  It is not, and never has been, a facsimile of the US SWP.
  3.  Following from immediately above, I question your use of the dialectical method on matters of organisational form.  Do you not apply the formula: "political debate conducted only internally" = Sect ?
  Yes, there are disadvantages in keeping disagreement internal.  But there are also advantages.  I cannot see how a choice either way by a political party should be the basis for detracting it in the way that you do.
  To end on a positive note: I appreciate, Louis, the fact that on this list I don't have to suffer idiots anywhere near as much as I have to on the Green Left discussion list.
  In solidarity
  Rohan G

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