[Marxism] Some of my thoughts

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Nov 15 09:01:46 MST 2006

>   I know that the axe you grind is about your experiences in the US SWP, 
> a Party with a similar model of democratic centralism as the Australian 
> DSP.  Well fair enough, I suppose, that you have that axe to grind.  But 
> I think this might be a case of transference: Maybe for you the DSP IS 
> the SWP?  I would like to point out that despite the important 
> organisational influences comming from James P Cannon, the DSP has its 
> own distinct political culture, history and application of the democratic 
> centralist method.  It is not, and never has been, a facsimile of the US SWP.

Oh, please. What is the point of debating "Marxist-Leninists" if they live 
by a code of keeping their differences to themselves? Generally speaking, 
human beings argue with each other to persuade each other of the point of 
view that they hold. If Karadjis, by some miracle, changed his mind about 
Vietnam or Kosovo or any other of the DSP line positions through 
counter-arguments and data presented here, he would risk expulsion if he 
declared that the party line was incorrect. Generally speaking, the DSP 
comrades are adjusted well enough to the culture of Marxmail not to stage 
"interventions" here. I am certainly grateful for that while continuing, 
however, to remind them that this is not the way that the Bolsheviks 
operated. They debated with each other in public. Discipline applied to 
actions, like a vote in the duma or participating in a strike, etc. The 
idea of ideological consensus being imposed by "discipline" around a 
question like Kosovo or the class nature of Vietnamese society is 
fundamentally wrong.

>   3.  Following from immediately above, I question your use of the 
> dialectical method on matters of organisational form.  Do you not apply 
> the formula: "political debate conducted only internally" = Sect ?

Rohan, my views on "Leninism" can be found here:




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