[Marxism] Re: Some of my thoughts

Richard Fidler rfidler at cyberus.ca
Wed Nov 15 15:33:51 MST 2006

Alan Bradley:

"An example of that was how the DSP dealt with the situation
in East Timor earlier this year. It wasn't clear what was
happening, so we effectively [threw] the issue onto the
table for a brainstorming session. 

"In public. With non-members participating. (Check the
archives of the  greenleft_discussion group, if anyone is

"In that instance, we actually achieved a consensus fairly
quickly, but that wasn't inevitable. It could very easily
have ended up as a case of DSP members publicly debating
each other."

Yes, and when Green Left Weekly (and the DSP) outlined the
collective ("consensus") decision, the key articles were
written by leaders of the majority and the minority faction,

If the discussion had been bottled up inside the DSP, I
wonder if it would have been so easy to work out a common


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