[Marxism] Re: Some of my thoughts

Alan Bradley alanb1000 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 15 16:21:58 MST 2006

First: thanks to Richard for correcting my
threw/through error. I didn't notice it until too

From: "Richard Fidler" 
> If the discussion had been bottled up inside the
> DSP, I wonder if it would have been so easy to
> work out a common position.

There doesn't seem to be much if any differences
between the majority and minority on international
issues, so I doubt there would have been a problem.

Then again...


I've also noticed an unfortunate implication in the
A party that is composed of genuine leaders of the
working class, and those genuinely aspiring to become
such, is a very different thing from some bunch of
chairwarmers and handraisers.

Many of the issues we are dealing with here would
simply go away if we had the first kind of party. But
not all of them.

The "we" in "if we had the first kind of party" should
be read generically. I'm certainly NOT calling the DSP
"some bunch of chairwarmers and handraisers".

Alan Bradley

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