[Marxism] anti-Bernie Sanders

Pieinsky pieinsky at igc.org
Wed Nov 15 12:15:25 MST 2006

Adding to what Ashley Smith accurately said about our new Vermont Senator, I 
would say that the Bernie man has never once articulated his vision of 
socialism (if indeed he possesses one), much less used his ample political 
podiums to propagate such a vision -- whether socialism be the 
nationalization of key industries, the creation of worker-owned 
cooperatives, or whatever.  When Amy Goodman asked him on her show the other 
day following the election what he meant by socialism and gave him a 
splendid opportunity to lay it all out for a large TV/radio audience (and 
what does he have to worry about now having won six safe years in the 
Senate?), Bernie responded by saying that the inequities between rich and 
poor need addressing. Basically, those remarks confirmed again that, for 
better and/or worse, Bernie is a populist rather than being a socialist. 
Maybe he was one in his earlier years but not now.  What did it mean then? 
When he was mayor of the "People's Republic of Burlington" back in the 1980s 
and was asked about socialism, he would point to France (then under F. 
Mitterand who was talking a little bit then about "socialization") or to 
Sweden.  That was far left enough for him.  He did not point to 
revolutionary Nicaragua, much less Cuba.  I see, however, that the DSA puts 
Bernie forward as a fellow-traveller.  Of course, how truly "socialist" are 
they, in their interminable efforts to win friends and influence people 
inside the Democratic Party and "move it to the left".


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