[Marxism] Enemy of humanity dies

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Thu Nov 16 11:04:34 MST 2006


Nobel-winner Milton Friedman dead at 94
Economist was among the most influential in recent history
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Updated: 1:00 p.m. ET Nov 16, 2006

Milton Friedman, the free market economist and winner of a 1976 Nobel 
Prize, has died, a spokeswoman for his family said Thursday.

Friedman, who preached free enterprise in the face of government regulation 
and advocated a monetary policy that called for steady growth in money 
supplies, was 94.

Friedman died of heart failure in a hospital near his home in San 
Francisco, the Wall Street Journal reported on its Web site, citing his 
daughter Janet Martell.

His wife Rose Friedman, who co-authored many of his books, survives him.

His death was also announced at a conference of the libertarian Cato 
Institute in Washington, the Journal reported. The audience of academics 
and policy makers observed several moments of silence in observance.

Friedman was awarded the Nobel prize in 1976. He was a staunch advocate of 
economic and political freedom and how the two were intertwined.

He had great influcence not only through academics, but from his popular 
books such as 1962's "Capitalism and Freedom," and "Free to Choose" in 
1990, the Journal reported. "Free to Choose" was later made into a 
television series. He was an adviser to President Ronald Reagan.

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