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> My views on Yugoslavia can be found here:
> http://www.swans.com/library/art9/lproy04.html
> http://www.columbia.edu/~lnp3/mydocs/fascism_and_war/ordfront.htm
> http://www.columbia.edu/~lnp3/mydocs/fascism_and_war/Kosovo.htm
> http://www.columbia.edu/~lnp3/mydocs/fascism_and_war/atc_reply.htm
> http://www.columbia.edu/~lnp3/mydocs/fascism_and_war/trotsky.htm
> http://www.swans.com/library/art12/lproy35.html

Thank you for sharing with us the views of your think-tank. A few of my
views on Yugoslavia can be found here:

The National Question and the Collapse of Yugoslavia

Milosevic's Serbia: No Relation to 'Socialism'

Reply to Ed Herman on Body Counts in Kosova and Bosnia

Six Years of Imperialist Occupation of Kosova: A View from the Left

Occupation Regime in Kosova Begins Privatisation Program: A Response to
Neil Clarke

Yugoslavia and the National Question Following Break-Up: Bosnia, Kosova,

Declaration of Greek activists calling for Greek apology for Srebrenica

and a big one:
Reply to "Milosevic: Test Your Media" Quiz
(a longish reply to the BS "media quiz" that some bloke called collon
came up with earlier this year)

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