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Alan Bradley alanb1000 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 16 18:18:46 MST 2006

From: Bob Hopson 
> I was aware that China Mielville had slammed
> Tolkien; as a fantasy writer, I sure he's sick
> of fans who expect Lord of the Rings clones. 

Michael Moorcock's attack on Tolkien was much earlier
and much more influential.

There is no question in my mind that Tolkien was
technically a better writer than Moorcock, although
the latter has improved with age. His early stuff was
crude, to put it politely, and I'm not talking about
the stuff he wrote when he was a teenager.

So there is a real sense in which these attacks are
being launched by poorer writers on better ones.

For the record, most fantasy (and science fiction,
horror, detective, espionage, romance and western)
fiction *is* badly written, and often written by
reactionaries. Which doesn't stop me reading and
enjoying it, although I generally avoid romances and

I have no time for literature snobs either.

Alan B

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