[Marxism] WTO Announces Formalized Slavery Model for Africa

Rakesh Bhandari bhandari at berkeley.edu
Fri Nov 17 01:25:13 MST 2006

The yes men miss the point. What needs to be satirized is not the 
paradox of free market ideology that it cannot justify why 
individuals as corporeal and spiritual singularities cannot put 
themselves on the market as commodities where as they deal in the 
market as economic agents who buy and sell everything else. What 
needs to be satirized is the pretension that even those individuals 
who can enter into and exit from contracts, can indeed renegotiate 
the sale of their labor power for a wage are indeed free workers. 
Otherwise, one just fetishizes will and choice, that is liberal 
political philosophy.  From there it's a small step to saying that 
some free workers chose slavery or debt bondage. If one doesn't 
understand why the formally free wage worker is already unfree, then 
one can't understand why, pace the radical libertarians, slavery and 
debt bondage can't be freely chosen, either. There are elements of 
special pleading and desperation in the satirizing of a free contract 
for slavery if one hasn't already satirized the pretension of the 
freedom of the choice making proletarian.  For this we don't need yes 
men; we need the  no men,   negative dialecticians.

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