[Marxism] WSJ column by Vietnamese ambassador to U.S

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Fri Nov 17 11:17:11 MST 2006

Louis writes:

"The way to normalize relations with Washington is to move rapidly toward
introducing capitalist property relations. The Heritage Foundation can
understand why Cuba is different from Vietnam or China. So should we." 

Okay, so the Vietnamese ambassador does the right thing, and goes to bat for
Cuba, citing the examples of China and Vietnam. And Louis's response is ...
to wag his finger and say that if the heritage foundation can understand why
Cuba is different from Vietnam, so should we.

And what's the point of that, Louis? Passively accepting that the
imperialist blockade of Cuba? Making sure that every time someone says
something nice about or favorable to Cuba, we denounce the speaker as an
imperialist or capitalist restorationist, depending on the case?

I think the op-ed by the Vietnamese ambassador was A Good Thing. 

Of course, you need to understand that the Vietnamese ambassador wasn't
aiming to convince the likes of the Heritage Foundation, but regular
Americans. And despite the Heritage Foundation's position, the real reason
Washington normalized relations with Beijing wasn't that China was going
capitalist but that the United States was losing in Vietnam. 

Nothing less than full capitalist restoration may have been the imperialist
line in the 1990's but the world has changed since then. Washington is
facing increasing problems in Latin America, both in relation to its
imperialist rivals as well as the local population. And the
ultra-belligerent unilateralist foreign policy of the past few years has
worn out its welcome with a lot of Americans.

The conditions for fighting the blockade of Cuba are becoming more
favorable. We should remember that revolutionary politics is not the art of
the possible, but the art of making the impossible possible.

Louis is slowly convincing me that he is now more interested in putting a
minus wherever Walter puts a plus than in looking at things soberly and


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