[Marxism] UCLA cops taser student in Powell Library

robert montgomery ilyenkova at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 17:29:58 MST 2006

Apparently  the student in the video who was repeatedly tasered by
UCLA cops is of Jewish-Iranian origin. At the end of the 6 minute
video a UCLA cop is clearly seen and heard threatening another student
with getting tasered too, if he didn't "shut up." At 1st glance this
may seem like a bunch of unimaginative rent-a-cops over-reacting to a
disturbed student with a weapon they shouldn't have had. But the
student's own cries about the USA Patriot Act point up the larger
political back drop to this disgusting incident. What's going on in
the heads of the students who keep grinding away on their terminals as
this went down? Other than, uh-oh the tasers are out!


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