[Marxism] Some of my thoughts

Alan Bradley alanb1000 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 17 18:37:22 MST 2006

Before I start, I have learned that my previous post
has attracted the attention of one of the Australian
"left"'s most notoriously moronic trolls. Clearly, I
must be onto something. :)

From: "Joaquin Bustelo" 
> Alan says, "But the US left could mobilise vastly
> more resources in this situation, surely? If they
> couldn't, then we've got a whole other problem..."
> Yes, we've got a whole other problem. 

I was afraid of that.

> The idea of the U.S. Left uniting, even three or
> four groups, has shown itself to not be viable.

OK, but it looks like that's not the main problem

Frankly, it looks like a lot of the problem is simple

I'm tempted to say that it might actually be
worthwhile spending a few years on the primitive
accumulation of cadre, that is, going back to square
one and doing old-fashioned party building, in order
to try and get a few people together who can actually
work together on the kind of project I have been

Basically, an organisation of a couple of hundred
young comrades who haven't been trained to be
sectarian nitwits would be really useful. But they
shouldn't have been trained to be afraid of
organisation, but instead to understand what it's for
(and what it's not for).

As for the relationship between the organised and
non-organised left: if the non-organised left were
*capable* of organising themselves they would be part
of the organised left, wouldn't they?

But they're not, and that's why we can't expect much
in the way of organisational initiative from them.

Alan Bradley

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