[Marxism] UCLA cops taser student in Powell Library

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Fri Nov 17 20:02:56 MST 2006

Robert Montgomery asks, "What's going on in the heads of the students who
keep grinding away on their terminals as this went down? Other than, uh-oh
the tasers are out!" 

Actually a pretty hostile crowd estimated at 50-60 people in one newspaper
account gathered around and tried to convince the cops to stop. They were
threatened --assaulted-- by the out-of-control pigs with being tasered. 

It tells you something about America --and Americans-- when an instrument of
torture, for that is what a taser is, a device to inflict excruciating pain
through and temporary incapacitation through the application of electric
charges of tens of thousands of volts-- is used routinely in making arrests
for high crimes like forgetting your library card.

Supposedly the torture victim just happened to be questioned in a "random
ceck," American newspeak for rousting the darkies. 


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