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Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 17 14:01:59 MST 2006

If capitalism is the social system which exists in Vietnam, the task confronting
those who, such as the World Socialist Web Site, In Defense of Marxism, etc.
as well as unaffiliated individuals, such as our local commender in chef, would
be to overthrow the government of Vietnam, and then to bring about genuine 
workers rule, according to their own rather demanding standards. 

Don't expect a warm welcome, however, from the Vietnamese when going to
start organizing the overthrow of the Vietnamese government. They've already
put one group of Yankees out, and they don't provide the warmest of welcomes
to foreigners with such an agenda, particularly those who travel to their country
with U.S. passports to try to instruct the Vietnamese on what socialism or what
democracy really is. 

Looks like It'll be a rather long weekend, drawing up the new Marxist manifesto 
for the struggle overthwow the Vietnamese government but which iwas drafted 
in New York City. Finding an adequate translator into Vietnamese should really
be challenge enough. 

Walter Lippmann
Los Angeles, California

Bush in Vietnam: All Talk, No Action

Hanoi, Nov 17 (Prensa Latina) Politically weakened and surrounded by
a showy security body, US President George W. Bush arrived in Vietnam
on Friday with empty hands at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
(APEC) summit.

Bush's visit, the second of a US dignitary after the war with
Vietnam, follows an invitation from his counterpart Nguyen Minh

After the official welcome ceremony, the White House occupant is
slated to meet with Minh Triet and later with Prime Minister Nguey
Tan Dzung.

He should have brought a resolution decreeing permanent normalization
of bilateral relations between Washington and Hanoi, but the House of
Representatives did not approve it.

Since both states established official ties on July 12, 1995, they
have been working for mutual stability and peace.

After US ex-president William Clinton visited the Indochinese nation
in 2000, then-Prime Minister Phan Van Khai flew to the US in June,
2005, which created a constructive and respect framework for their

In 2001, the two countries signed the Permanent Normal Trade
Relations status (PNTR) agreement, which would enable the elimination
of traces still affecting bilateral bonds and the ratification of
trade deal clinched May 31, 2006.

As Vietnamese authorities expected from Washington the PNTR
resolution, Bush could only pay lip service to the supposedly good
development of relations.

Although many in the Capitol many still see Vietnam as an enemy, US
businesspeople and companies have grasped at opportunities and
benefits of the booming market and economy in that Asian state.

Commercial exchanges expanded from $1.5 billion in 2001 to $7.8
billion in 2005.

Before Hanoi, Bush visited Singapore and once the APEC summit closes
on Sunday, will move to Ho Chi Minh City to later fly to Indonesia,
which will receive him with mass protests.

sus ymr mh mf


Chile, Vietnam Predict Free Trade Accord

Hanoi, Nov 17 (Prensa Latina) Chile's President Michelle Bachelet and
Vietnam's Nguyen Minh Triet presided over the signing of a Letter of
Intention on Friday, to analyze the future establishment of a
bilateral free trade agreement.

The signing took place at the Presidential Palace, where Triet
welcomed Bachelet today, whose "visit of reunion" celebrates in
advance the 35th anniversary of their bilateral relations.

In a friendship atmosphere, Triet expressed the visitor the
Vietnamese will of fostering bilateral cooperation in the economic,
trade and investment field.

Bachelet, on the other hand, expressed great admiration for Vietnam,
and promised to support it to be non-permanent member of the UN
Security Council next year.

"This visit will represent an important milestone in our bilateral
relations, because it will raise ties to a higher phase of
development and generate practical benefits for both peoples,"
ambassador Jorge Canelas told Prensa Latina.

These bilateral ties were broken off after General Augusto Pinochet's
bloody military coup in September 1973. The Vietnam government
withdrew its Chilean diplomatic staff that same year.

In September 1990, the Chilean government requested Hanoi to resume
official diplomatic ties. Vietnam reopened its embassy in Santiago in
2003 and Chile in Hanoi in 2005.

During her stay in Hanoi, Bachelet will also attend the Summit of the
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum on Saturday and Sunday, and
hold bilateral meeting with several presidents here.

sus iff mh


AS LOUIS PROYECT defines the issue:
The issue is rather whether capitalism exists in Vietnam or 
not. Today's LA Times has an article that states:

"It would seem that Vietnamese communism has given way to capitalism. 
Vietnam's new ideology is simply to make money."


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