[Marxism] WSJ column by Vietnamese ambassador to U.S

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Nov 17 14:11:36 MST 2006

Walter Lippmann wrote:
>If capitalism is the social system which exists in Vietnam, the task 
>those who, such as the World Socialist Web Site, In Defense of Marxism, etc.
>as well as unaffiliated individuals, such as our local commender in chef, 
>be to overthrow the government of Vietnam, and then to bring about genuine
>workers rule, according to their own rather demanding standards.

For younger comrades, a word or two explaining where this baiting nonsense 
comes from. It is the kind of taunt that the CPUSA used to direct at 
Trotskyists from the 1930s onwards, until the USSR ceased to exist. The 
next logical step, of course, is to make amalgams between the left critics 
of the Kremlin and the CIA, etc. It is pure poison politically and 
something that Walter must have learned from the people he works with in 
Los Angeles, where the CP was once very powerful. It is extremely sad to 
see somebody turn his back on ultraleftism only to jump into the arms of 
this kind of abject worship of the existing fact.

>Don't expect a warm welcome, however, from the Vietnamese when going to
>start organizing the overthrow of the Vietnamese government. They've already
>put one group of Yankees out, and they don't provide the warmest of welcomes
>to foreigners with such an agenda, particularly those who travel to their 
>with U.S. passports to try to instruct the Vietnamese on what socialism or 
>democracy really is.

Walter, you can tell the government of Vietnam that me and Les Schaffer are 
coming over next weekend to get them. As soon as I finish my Turkish 
homework and as soon as Les is finished grading his students' physics homework.

>Looks like It'll be a rather long weekend, drawing up the new Marxist 
>for the struggle overthwow the Vietnamese government but which iwas drafted
>in New York City. Finding an adequate translator into Vietnamese should really
>be challenge enough.

Didn't Elmer Fudd try to overthwow Bugs Bunny?



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