[Marxism] UCLA cops taser student in Powell Library

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Fri Nov 17 20:26:21 MST 2006

Campus cops are usually so completely bottom-of-the-run.  They were either
bounced from the regular police force or wanna-be regular cops.  That means
a disturbingly high proportion of them tend to have real serious issues
about power and authority.  There is no relation between the issue at stake
for them and the amount of force and intimidation they're willing to impose.
In short, it's a rare time when we don't have one issue or another of this
bouncing around on any campus of any size...not this severe, but bad enough.

What really "tells you something about America--and Americans" is the
reaction of that cross-section of students who just happened to witness this
incident.  They with the person under attack provided a better
representation of "America" in point of numbers than the cops.  They seemed
to have a very clear idea of the fine points at stake....and, if the
authorities push that sort of thing more often, they might find those kinds
of angry students physically stopping such activities.

It seems that we just may not be that far from a situation that will quickly
make irrelevant all the BS about what this-or-that tiny group think about

Mark L.

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