[Marxism] Re:Australian troops begin arriving in riot torn Tonga

Ggregray at aol.com Ggregray at aol.com
Sat Nov 18 06:45:42 MST 2006

The democracy movement in Tonga has been buiding up over many years. The 
recent death of the old king and his replacement with his son who the press always 
refers to as "a 50 year old bachelor" seems to have been seized on as a 
moment to press more strongly the demand for democratisation.

The frustration spilt over in the last few days at the continuing delays to 
promised reforms.

The offices of the online Tongan news site  Matangi Tonga were destroyed 
during the uprising. It is having the same trouble as many other businesses in 
finding another place to setup again. It's last posting was from 16/11/06 when it 
offered a preliminary report on the unrest -liitle realising it would soon be 
taken down itself.

This report from a week previous indicates that problems were brewing over 
the delay/denial of democratic reforms but rather misses out on the real urgency 
of the situation:


Now Australian troops are being sent in along with New Zealand forces to prop 
up a decayed monarchical/noble system against a movement for democracy. This 
is totally in line with the stepped-up role of dinkum Aussie imperialism in 
the so-called arc of instability stretching from East Timor through New Guinea, 
Solomon Islands, Fiji and now Tonga.

When Bush's  ally John Howard originally sent troops into East Timor in 1998 
many on the left including the DSP supported this as a good thing saving the 
East Timorese from Indonesia and ignoring the imperialist nature of the 
Australian state and its armed forces just as many on the left were eager to sign on 
as Clinton's ideological co-pilots in bombing Yugoslavia into oblivion.

Presumably this latest blatant intervention on the side of a thoroughly 
reactionary and decadent regime against pro-democracy forces will be universally 
condemned by anyone with the most remote connection to a left political 
Greg Adler

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