[Marxism] Re: (Australian) Troops begin arriving in riot-torn Tonga

Tom OLincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Sat Nov 18 00:57:49 MST 2006

More little helpers from Aussie imperialism. Our Prime Minister is calling 
it “an act of brotherly generosity”. He might also send some generous 
warships, which he just happens to have in the neighbourhood because they 
were needed to intimidate the Fiji military not long ago. 

Let’s see now, how many island countries have recently received Australian 
brotherly generosity in the form of soldiers or cops? There’s East Timor 
where they helped enforce regime change, Papua New Guinea (but in PNG the 
courts ruled that Australian cops would have to obey local laws, drat!), the 
Solomons (major imperialist armed and bureaucratic presence called RAMSI), 
Fiji (where the Police Commissioner is an Australian and meddles in 
politics). And now Tonga. 

Tonga is an authoritarian monarchy. The recent unrest was the result of 
acute frustration about the lack of progress towards democracy, despite 
peaceful mass demonstrations. But once the youth went out and burned down 
80% of the city centre of the capital, that forced the ruling class to make 
democratic concessions. Now Australian troops have arrived to shore up the 

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