[Marxism] Moderator's note

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Nov 18 16:43:16 MST 2006

Walter Lippmann wrote:
>(Though some in the West try to pit Cuba against China, that notion
>doesn't sit very well in Cuba. Naturally, when the Soviet Union was
>in existence, things were different, but today the two countries are
>the closest of allies.
>Fidel Castro on the 50th anniversary of
>the triumph of the Chinese Revolution:

You have to give this stuff a rest. Unless you can stop proselytizing 
Marxmail with this same-old, same-old, you will soon join Yoshie. My 
strong recommendation is to send only one of these a week or so. You 
live in Los Angeles, California, don't you? Here are some things that 
would be worth hearing about:

1. problems of agribusiness (e-coli in the spinach, etc.)

2. immigration crackdown

3. police brutality, including at UCLA

4. water crisis

If you feel ambitious, you might want to write about other parts of 
the USA as well. But you really have to give these Cuban diplomacy 
talking points a break, or I will have to unsub you. You are now 
subbed to 25 mailing lists or so where you make the identical points 
over and over and over. But time has come for you to adjust to 
Marxmail and not for Marxmail to adjust to you. 

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