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    I think that Mr. Lippmann's posts on Cuba are very informative. Please 
do not restrict his posts.

    Jim D.
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> Walter Lippmann wrote:
>>(Though some in the West try to pit Cuba against China, that notion
>>doesn't sit very well in Cuba. Naturally, when the Soviet Union was
>>in existence, things were different, but today the two countries are
>>the closest of allies.
>>Fidel Castro on the 50th anniversary of
>>the triumph of the Chinese Revolution:
> You have to give this stuff a rest. Unless you can stop proselytizing 
> Marxmail with this same-old, same-old, you will soon join Yoshie. My 
> strong recommendation is to send only one of these a week or so. You live 
> in Los Angeles, California, don't you? Here are some things that would be 
> worth hearing about:
> 1. problems of agribusiness (e-coli in the spinach, etc.)
> 2. immigration crackdown
> 3. police brutality, including at UCLA
> 4. water crisis
> If you feel ambitious, you might want to write about other parts of the 
> USA as well. But you really have to give these Cuban diplomacy talking 
> points a break, or I will have to unsub you. You are now subbed to 25 
> mailing lists or so where you make the identical points over and over and 
> over. But time has come for you to adjust to Marxmail and not for Marxmail 
> to adjust to you.
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