[Marxism] Re: Some of my thoughts (reformatted)

Carlos Petroni cepetroni at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 18 18:11:26 MST 2006

Same mail, reformatted:

 In this thread there are more than one theme.  One is Louis's methods
of running the list (in which I'm uninterested) and a couple of others
defending the rigth to be a boring, one issue talker (I'm also
uninterested on this as I think people should restrain from posting and
posting on one or two issues and/or using the list as a bad
replacement for their lack of social or active political life.)

In the past, I would come from time to time to look for certain information about issues not covered in other places or an occassional discussion/polemic which may trigger some interesting points I may use in an article or just for my general info.

I learnt from some and I get used to delete without reading postings
from WL, NG and couple of others, knowing as I do that they live in the
past, repeat themselves and generally have no clue of what is going on
in the class struggle or Marxism generally.

In the near past and at present, there are some  interesting phenomena
that should attract attention of list members and may make it
interesting again. Oaxaca, Nepal, Brazilian imperialism, Venezuela,
Bolivia, always Iraq, elections in the US and the left, the new role of new
emerging countries (India, Australia), the deterioriation of bourgeois
democracy, etc

Instead, people insist to replace theoretical or political original analysis
with old formulae, feel obligated to defend regimes or governments or
simply talk about things they have no idea.   If they put some effort, I'm
sure some people in the list can find some interesting historical,
theoretical or political issues on which they may say something really
original.  But I'm understand that they feel deluged and overwhelmed by
a volume of postings which are no more than repetitive arguments of all

Some interesting points made by JB about the dying US left, supported
for the most part by dying cadre, the discussion on class in  itself and
for itself and some others deserved little attention and got washed out
by a ton of other mailings about nothingness.

The talk about democrats vs. no democrats is an example but it is far
from being unique. Instead of looking with a critical eye what Morales,
Lula, Kirchner or Chavez, people tend to adopt a party line, justifying
things rather than challenging them.  I would love to see supporters of
those guys actually talking about interesting things (like the corrupt
bureaucracies and the institutions on which they sustain their political
projecs -- is it possible a revolution based on the institutions of the old
order) and opponents of those guys (or critics) talking about the
occassional hit of one of those guys (like some government actions that
may color pink what they otherwise they see as yellow regimes).

I hope to see more of that, and some cultural/literary/movie reviews
beyond the mediocrity of present day American  productions.

That, and a significant lower volume of posts from the gang of four or
five, will go a long way to revitalize the list.  It will also help if people
does not feel compelled to win an argument (you cannot in a list), have
the last word (we are not teen agers anymore) or using the methods of
fast disqualification as if being a brute or a ideological hooligan is a
synonimous with theoretical knowledge.

At any rate, those are my couple of pennies...

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