[Marxism] Re: Moderator note

Carlos Petroni cepetroni at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 18 18:21:16 MST 2006

"I think that Mr. Lippmann's posts on Cuba are very
informative. Please  do not restrict his posts."
Jim D.

No, they are not.  You may find them in  about 20 propaganda sites from Cuba
and in 230 pro-Fidel lists and websites all over the internet, and Walter L.
probably report them in about another dozen or so.

Informative, for THIS list, would be somehting hard to find anywhere else. Besides, it is just propaganda.  What we need in THIS list, I guess, is some
original thinking developed through some independent, critical and
marxiswt point of view.

Everyone has the right to do little propaganda. But it should be self-restricted,
unless they try to beat to death an already dead horse.  In this case, once or
twice a week will be fine for repetitive, tedious, easy to find talking points
from the Cuban leadership.

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