I'm glad that China's economy is growing so strongly, and enjoy Cuba's role in the world (was: [Marxism] Moderator's note)

Lüko Willms lueko.willms at t-online.de
Sun Nov 19 02:18:59 MST 2006

On Sat, 18 Nov 2006 18:43:16 -0500, Louis Proyect wrote:

> You have to give this stuff a rest. Unless you can stop proselytizing 
> Marxmail with this same-old, same-old, you will soon join Yoshie. 

  i.e. be unsubbed from the list which Louis owns. 

  Well, what was Walter doing so offending? He sent a link to an article 
in The Militant, certainly one of Louis' arch enemies, about a book 
presentation in Santiago de Cuba, and introduced this with quotes from 
two Cuban leaders. A total of 38 lines, including blank lines, and 
including text appended automatically by the list's mailman. 

  Instead Walter should stick his nose into domestic affairs and not 
venture into world politics. 

   Maybe he should also start writing movie reviews as Louis does? 
Movies are not such a touchy subject as world politics, and socialist 
revolutions, or the growth of China, the country of about one fifth of 
humanity, which is preparing to take its place in the world, where one 
fifth of world production and world consumption should happen in China. 

   I want to participate in a list where proletarian revolutionists from 
the world over can exchange views and news concerning the world wide 
class struggle, and do this without the fear of reprisals. 

   While I know that there are no proper US-domestic issues, since the 
US as the last and most powerful empire haunting the humanity makes its 
own domestic affairs world affairs, I would not want to be limited to a 
look on those "US domestic" affairs as one concerning the US people 
only, but to look at them as world affairs, from a world perspective. 

   And I would even less want a list which is restricted to movie 

   I should look for an english translation of the November 16 
declaration of the Cuban National Bank, which carries among others the 
interesting information that China is holding a larger USD reserve than 
the US itself? 

Comradely yours, 
Lüko Willms
Frankfurt, Germany
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