[Marxism] What was "white" and "European" about Soviet "socialism"

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>Despite the ostensible offcial "solidarity" the USSR and East European
>countries never put themselves out for Third World countries fighting

NY Times, June 16, 1987
Chile's Right-Wing President Welcomes a Chinese Official

Gen. Augusto Pinochet, who often speaks out on his role in fighting 
to defeat Communism in Chile, warmly received the Chinese Foreign 
Minister today and gave a lunch in his honor.

President Pinochet, wearing a business suit, smiled broadly as he 
welcomed the Foreign Minister, Wu Xueqian, to the presidential 
palace. Their lunch took up most of the afternoon.

The visit by the Chinese official underlined the growing commercial 
and other links between the two countries, which have maintained good 
relations through nearly 14 years of rightist military government in Chile.

General Pinochet, asked a few months ago whether it made sense for a 
strongly anti-Communist regime to have growing links with China, said 
it was important that China, unlike the Soviet Union and Cuba, 
practiced a policy of noninterference in the domestic affairs of 
other nations.


The New York Times
September 17, 1985, Tuesday, Late City Final Edition
By ALAN COWELL, Special to the New York Times


With its raid today into southern Angola, South Africa seems to have 
revived an issue that has lately been lost in the welter of its own 
domestic turmoil: the continued presence of Cuban troops in Angola.

At the same time, the attack seems to have reinforced the feeling 
among many commentators here that a resolution of the issue, which 
once absorbed much of Washington's attention, is as remote as ever.

The Cubans first went to Angola during the civil war of 1975-76 to 
support and insure the victory of the Popular Movement for the 
Liberation of Angola against two other Angolan factions, supported 
variously by China, the Central Intelligence Agency and South Africa. 
Only one of those rival groups, the National Union for the Total 
Independence of Angola, led by Jonas Savimbi, survives, sustained by 
South Africa in a ''liberated area'' in southeast Angola.

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