[Marxism] Troubled times

Ian Pace ian at ianpace.com
Sun Nov 19 18:49:32 MST 2006

From: "Joaquin Bustelo" <jbustelo at bellsouth.net>

> "Pathetic" discussions about music or culture have got nothing to do with
it. In the imperialist countries, our generations --those of the
fifty-somethings, sixty-somethings and above-- if we are to be any use at
all to the younger activists & most of all those who are coming of age
politically in the 21st Century, need to figure out WHAT WENT WRONG.

> Perhaps it was a mistake on my part to try to reintroduce this subject by
pointing out that Louis's retreat into the world of European culture and
movies on this POLITICAL list is a move AWAY from confronting that subject:


> This CHANGES things. Workers of oppressor nations and oppressed
nationalities, even in a given geographic area or even workplace, do not
THINK and ACT as if they were part of a common class. The subjective "we"
essential to a class for itself movement is not there; if it ever was, it
has disappeared. But even when there is class consciousness, do the white or
other cominan nation male factory workers see themselves in the same
category as the poor housewife, the minority nationality street vendor or
market stall women? If class consciousness *ought to* and can (under certain
circumstances) cross nationality/race/ethnicity lines shouldn't "popular"
consciousness --consciousness that we're all part of the people in the Latin
American sense-- cross what are thought of as "class" lines between the
"proletariat" and the "petite bourgeoisie"?

And do you not think culture (even including music) plays a part in 
producing false consciousness?


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