[Marxism] Troubled times

Alan Bradley alanb1000 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 19 21:29:06 MST 2006

From: "Wayne S. Rossi"
> the classic labor aristocracy.  
> It is absurd to try and address the situation
> in the United States without taking into account
> the fact that reasonably highly paid, secure
> factory jobs -- indeed, reasonably highly paid
> and secure jobs of any sort -- are fast becoming
> a thing of the past.

Of course, this is precisely when the labour
aristocracy are likely to become dangerous and prone
to lashing out at their "inferiors".

> This is not to underestimate the massive
> importance of, for instance, the struggles
> of Blacks or Hispanics; but this tailism in
> an imperialist country has meant that the
> social movements are at the beck and call
> of forces aligned with the "left" wing of
> imperialism, and can be demobilized to
> devastating effect.  In a revolutionary
> situation, it would be far more dangerous,
> and quite possibly deadly.

What gibberish. Pure slogan shouting.

I don't agree with Joaquin, but this kind of
finger-wagging is totally useless.

Alan Bradley

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