[Marxism] Troubled times

Alan Bradley alanb1000 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 19 21:58:06 MST 2006

From: Jon Flanders 
> Despite Joaquin's assurances that the great
> wave of immigrant protest earlier this year
> was fundamentally a multi-class action, I
> think that this was in fact, the beginning
> of a new period of *class* struggle in the
> US and other advanced capitalist countries,
> as the composition of the working class morphs
> from predominately white European to predominately
> Black and third world. Certainly some employers
> and other bourgeois forces supported the
> immigrant actions initially, even closing
> factories for a day, but the immigrant workers
> will learn, as they are in the Smithfield
> struggle* currently going on, that such allies
> are very unreliable.

In a word, yes.

The US is a particularly striking example of this
phenomenon, of course. I don't really think that it is
correct to say that the Australian working class is
going to become "predominately Black and third world"
any time soon, but it is certainly becoming more
obviously multi-ethnic.

To the extent that this transition is occurring,
however, there will be a lot of interesting phenomena
occurring, and the left is going to need to be able to
deal with them.

Otherwise, it will die with the labour aristocracy.

Alan Bradley

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