[Marxism] Photos of destruction in Tonga-Ruling class and Australian properties hit

Ggregray at aol.com Ggregray at aol.com
Mon Nov 20 04:12:12 MST 2006

The Matangi Tonga site is back up and has published a series of photos of the 
destruction in the Tongan capital Nukulofa.

Many of the destroyed properties are owned by Tongan royalty or the Prime 
Minister. As one of the captions notes a property owned by one of the peoples 
(in Parliament) stands untouched whilst a neighbouring property is destroyed.

One of the badly damaged property is an ANZ (an Australian banking group) 
Rather bizarrely there is an advertisement for ANZ on this page of the site.

The apparently targetted destruction undermines the claim that the damage was 
done by drunken rampaging groups.


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