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Duroyan Fertl dfertl at yahoo.com.au
Mon Nov 20 04:34:56 MST 2006

It amuses me somewhat that it takes a Tolkien debate to make me post to  this list again (I've been meaning to for ages, and the patent lack of  even a single post about Ecuador is bemusing, given the collective  experience of subscribers).
  Still, I'm not going to spend long. I'm in the middle of exams (a  phenomenon I thought I had left behind in my early 20's), and I might  post something coherent and cogent next week.
  For now, however, I'll leave it to this:
  To my mind DCQ, Carrol and Bob have more or less got it right. The less  is related to the problem Carrol raises obtusely - the apparent need to  over-analyse texts to 'create' a political understanding of an  historical person. Sure, if it were something less than an obvious and  conscious escapist work there might be scope.
  But those people trying to 'interpret' The Lord Of The Rings as 'the'  expression of the political world view of J R R Tolkien are, to use  shorthand, in desperate need of a reality check. There are elements  there, of course, but looking for them in isolation means you miss the  point of the story - which was written as an adjunct to his 'main  work', asa sequel to The Hobbit as a story for his son, and as  preparation for covering that particular epoch in his saga.
  I'm also curious as to why noone has brought up the Catholicism that  permeates so much of his world view. But then, it's easier to try to  paint him as a political reactionary than a religious one...
  More later.

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