[Marxism] Re: Cuban Drugs Question

hari.kumar at sympatico.ca hari.kumar at sympatico.ca
Mon Nov 20 06:08:18 MST 2006

Walter replied to my Cuban Drugs Questions.
In case anyone else interested please find. 
I hope you will post this stuff to Marxmail. .....

Anyway, Cuba has lots of patent medicines. You can read some of it here:
Yes, Cuba does patent their discoveries, but they also sell them all over the world, except in the U.S. Read about ppg which was just patented in China, for one: http://www.medicc.org/medicc_review/0406/index.html

I'm not sure about the last, but I'm very swamped today and don't have time to research it for you. You could also join CubaNews list and post inquiries there. 
Another place to read is www.medicc.org


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