[Marxism] Latest reassertion of Russian state control over strategic industries

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Mon Nov 20 12:24:56 MST 2006

Jim Farmelant 

China still has a lot of state socialism, but
the past twenty-five years have seen a resurgence of
capitalism as a result of the economic reforms instituted
under Deng.

CB: I appreciate Jim F's overall point in his post that many societies have
multiple modes of production simultaneously; and I don't want this to be
taken as a picky point.

At any rate, I'm wondering about the idea that there is a "resurgence" of
capitalism in China.  Wasn't there only a small proportion of China's mode
of P capitalist before the revolution ? So, the current very rapid
capitalist growth is substantially the initial establishment of capitalism
in China . ( I realize from much discussion on this very list that China was
"close" to capitalism even before England and Europe; but the relations of
production in most of the country at and before the revolution were  not
industrial capitalism or imperialism). 

So, ok this implicates "stagism". But shouldn't China be able to decide from
its experience in trying to go to socialism bypassing capitalism, a
fullfledged effort in the spirit of anti-stagism, that bypassing capitalism
is not feasible in their concrete circumstances ? Or at least, that it is
not feasible in a world in which virulent imperialism is the wolf standing
at the door of every nation of the globe ready to knock down all Chinese
Walls with not only the artillery of commodities but literal artillery ,
even nuclear artillery ?

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