[Marxism] Smithfield Strike

Jon Flanders jonflanders at jflan.net
Mon Nov 20 21:05:04 MST 2006

On Mon, 2006-11-20 at 19:23 -0800, Rod Holt wrote:
> This stuff is as important as anything in years, right up
> there ?with?SOS and the Delphi fight.

I would argue that Smithfield is more important than the UAW battle.
I see the UAW situation to be more like P9, with an aging still
significantly white workforce fighting a rearguard battle that is being
undermined both by company retirement enticements and union concessions.

Given the Latino-African-American composition of the Smithfield
workforce, with workers who have a lot less to lose and much more to
gain than UAW workers in Michigan, the meatpacking struggle promises to
be much more explosive in it's consequences.

More information at the HRW site.


Jon Flanders

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