[Marxism] Islam and Marxism?

Max Lane max_lane at bigpond.com
Tue Nov 21 04:49:38 MST 2006

There were many attempts made to do this in Indonesia. The classic attempt, 
available in English is "Nationalism, Islam and Marxism" by Soekarno written 
before independence (see 
http://www.selectbooks.com.sg/getTitle.cfm?SBNum=2810) There are more 
contemporary attempys by small groups in Indonesia, but not much oftheir 
material is published in either Indonesian or English. Soekarno wrote much 
more on this subject.

Max Lane

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>I am looking for books (or any sources really) that reference the
> compatibility of Marxist thought within Islam.  If you have any ideas,
> please let me know.
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