[Marxism] A coup in the making?

gregory meyerson gmeyerson at triad.rr.com
Tue Nov 21 08:36:57 MST 2006

what you say about social democracy sounds right to me.  I'm looking 
forward to your article.
On Nov 21, 2006, at 9:39 AM, Louis Proyect wrote:

> Interesting article from venezuelanalysis.com:
> >>With all of this in place, the plan continues with a call to the 
> high military command, in the words of Poleo, to "decide if it is 
> going to continue forcing the Venezuelan opposition to put up with an 
> embarrassing regime."  These words, directed to the high military 
> command, basically amount to a call to overthrow the government.  He 
> continues by referring to the plan as a sequence of events that all 
> Venezuelans are going to see this December, and in which their destiny 
> as dignified human beings, and the destiny of their respectable 
> nation, is at play.  Obviously, Poleo is implying that if Chavez 
> continues in power, Venezuela will cease to be a dignified and 
> respectable nation, and that Venezuelans should not have to continue 
> putting up with him.  He forgets to mention, however, that surveys 
> show Chavez has the support of the majority of Venezuelans.<<
> full: http://www.venezuelanalysis.com/articles.php?artno=1878
> I plan to elaborate on this in some detail in an article for 
> swans.com, but it seems to me that there is a fundamental flaw in 
> Tariq Ali's analysis--supposedly based on what Chavez himself told 
> him--that left social democracy is the only possible course of action 
> in Venezuela (and everywhere else presumably.) The logical corollary 
> is to assume that going beyond this and pose revolutionary tasks 
> amounts to a kind of adventurism. In my own view, it has *never* been 
> possible to sustain a left social democratic government for very long 
> in Latin America or elsewhere in the South. Eventually, a government 
> has to confront its attackers both within its borders and without just 
> to maintain the reformist program. Since most social democratic 
> governments have lacked the organic ties to the people and a 
> willingness to arm them, the ultraright has always been victorious. I 
> have a strong sense that Chavez is preparing a different response. 
> More details to come...
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